• Hexagon Dies

    Hexagon Dies

    1. Hexagon die is mainly used to repair damaged threads in maintenance.
    2. It can be installed directly on the head of hexagonal die with a wrench to perform thread repair operation.

  • Adjustable Round Split Dies

    Adjustable Round Split Dies

    1. File pitch can be adjusted to adjust the diameter of the thread.
    2. Changes can be made at any time as needed.
    3. Can be applied to a variety of flat and convex surface processing, dressing and grinding.

  • Normal Dies

    Normal Dies

    1. A threading tool for machining or correcting external threads.
    2. It is equivalent to a nut with high hardness, and there are several chip removal holes around the screw holes, and cutting cones are generally ground at both ends of the screw holes.
    3. Normal die is divided into coarse pitch and fine pitch, which can process ordinary external threads with 6g tolerance zone.