Hss Din338 Jobber Length Straight Shank Drill Bits

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1. Manufactured to DIN338, DIN340, DIN1897

2. High quality HSS steel, 4341/9341/M2/M35

3. Roll forged, full ground

4. Point angle: 118°or 135°

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Twist drill is a tool for drilling round holes in workpiece by means of rotary cutting with relative fixed axis. It is named for its flute like spiral shape. Spiral grooves have 2 grooves, 3 grooves or more, but 2 grooves are the most common. Twist drill can be used in manual and electric hand held drilling tools or drilling machines, milling machines, lathes and even machining centers. The drill bit material is generally high-speed tool steel or cemented carbide.

Din338 hss drill bits (1)
Din338 hss drill bits (3)
Din338 hss drill bits (2)


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Choose the most suitable HSS twist drill bits according to the processing requirement
1. HSS 4341/4241: Suitable for common metal cutting, like iron, copper, alufer and timber etc.
2. HSS 6542(m2): suitable for all types of metal, like stainless steel, iron, copper, alufer and wood etc.
3. M35: This type currently is the best one among HSS materials. It largely improves its rigidity due to its 5% content of cobalt. It's suitable for cutting all kind of metals, like stainless steel, iron, copper, alufer, cast iron and 45# steel as well as wood, plastic etc.

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