HSS 6542 DIN333 Type A 60° Center Drill Bit For Metal Drilling Holes

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The center drill is used for machining the center hole on the end face of shaft and other parts.

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There are two types of center drill commonly used: type A: center drill without protective cone; Type B: center drill with guard cone. When machining the center hole with diameter d = 2 ~ 10mm, the center drill without protective cone (type A) is usually used; For workpieces with long process and high precision requirements, in order to avoid damage to the 60 degree centering cone, the center drill with protective cone (type b) is generally used.



1. Manufactured to DIN223
2. High quality HSS steel, 4341/9341/M2/M35
3. Roll forged, full ground

How to use it

1. The user must reasonably select the model of center drill according to the hole type and straight hole size of the processed parts.
2. The hardness of the workpiece to be processed should be between 170-200hb.
3. Before the tool is used, the antirust grease must be cleaned to prevent the chip from sticking to the blade and affecting the cutting performance.
4. The surface of the workpiece to be processed shall be straight without sand holes or hard spots to avoid damage to the tool.
5. The center drill before drilling shall reach the required position accuracy.
6. Cutting parameters
7. Cutting fluid: select different cutting fluid according to the processing object, and the cooling shall be sufficient.
8. Precautions: in case of abnormal conditions during processing, stop immediately and find out the reasons before processing; Pay attention to the wear of the cutting edge and repair it in time; Clean and oil the cutting tools after use and keep them properly.

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