The tap is broken in the hole. How to get it?

Tap broken hole, drill broken hole in the end how to take? In fact, there are many methods, today we briefly introduce a few.

1, you can use the grinder to smooth the broken parts of the wire, and then drill with a small drill bit, and then gradually change to a larger drill bit, the broken wire will gradually fall off, after falling off with the original size of the tap to attack the tooth, this advantage can not increase the aperture.


2, electrical pulse off, electrical spark or wire cutting can be hurt hole can be reaming and wire screw sleeve (this method is more simple and convenient, as for the coaxiality temporarily do not consider, unless you the threaded hole coaxiality directly affects the quality of the equipment).

3, make a simple tool at the same time into the broken tap section of the chip slot slot empty, careful reverse pull out, such as, can be used to screw 2 nuts on the broken tap with a mortise, with steel wire (the number of roots and taps groove number is the same) inserted into the empty slot of the broken tap and nut, and then hinge bar according to the exit direction to pull the mortise, Take out the broken tap (the main idea of this method is to detach the chip groove of the broken tap and use steel wire, preferably a steel needle, to make a special wrench for taking the broken wire. Of course, if this kind of broken wire often occurs in the workshop, it is better to make such a tool wrench).


4, take the top of the steel roll in the tap crack with a small hammer slowly knock, the tap is brittle, finally knock slag out, or more simple, directly drill the broken tap thread hole, reaming and tapping (method is a little barbaric, if the tap diameter is too small is not good, the diameter is too big, knock up the time of labor)


5, the use of special extractor: wire tapping drill bit, ultrafine grain superhardness alloy extractor

Post time: Nov-18-2022