How many kinds of drills are there?

Drill bit is a rotating tool with cutting ability at the head end. It is generally made of carbon steel SK or high speed steel SKH2, SKH3 and other materials by milling or rolling and then quenched after grinding. It is used for drilling on metal or other materials. It has a very wide range of use, can be used in drilling machine, lathe, milling machine, hand drill and other tools. Drill bits can be classified as follows.
A. Classification according to structure
1. Integral drill bit: the drill top, the drill body and the drill shank are made of the same material.
2. End welding drill: the top bit of the drill is welded by carbide.
B. Classification according to drill shank

1, straight shank drill: drill diameter of φ13.0mm and below are straight shank.
2, taper shank drill: the drill shank is taper shape, generally its taper is Morse taper.
C, according to the use of classification
1, the center bit: generally used for drilling before the center point, the front cone of 60°, 75°, 90°, etc.
2. Twist drill: the most widely used drill bit in industrial manufacturing.
3, super hard drill bit: before the end of the drilling body or all made of super hard alloy tool material, used in the processing of drilling materials.
4. Oil hole drill: there are two holes in the drill body, and the cutting fluid reaches the cutting edge part through the hole to take away heat and chips. The use of the drill bit is generally filled with cooling material such as cutting fluid.
5, deep hole drill: the earliest used for barrel and stone envelope drilling processing, also known as barrel drill. The gun drill bit is a straight groove, and a quarter of the round tube is cut to produce cutting chip removal. For hardening and high speed steel:
6, drill reamer: the front end of the drill, the rear end of the reamer. The diameter of the drill and the diameter of the reamer is only different from the margin of the reamed hole, and there are also mixed use of the drill and screw tapping, so it is also called mixed drill.
7. Taper drill: Taper drill can be used when processing the feed port of the mold.
8, cylindrical hole drill: we call it countersunk head milling cutter, the front end of the drill has a smaller diameter part called the track rod.
9, conical hole drill: for drilling conical hole, its front Angle is 90°, 60°, etc. The chamfer we use is one of the conical hole drill bits.
10, triangle drill: a drill used by electric drills, the drill shank made of triangular face so that the chuck can be fixed.

Post time: Aug-15-2022