Why do we choose vacuum heat treatment for high speed steel?

YUXIANG TOOLS has started to use a new technology for heat treatment since 2010. It is so called vacuum heat treatment. It mainly refers to a new type of heat treatment technology that combines vacuum technology and heat treatment technology. The vacuum environment in which vacuum heat treatment is located refers to an atmosphere environment below one atmospheric pressure, including low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum, etc. Therefore, vacuum heat treatment actually belongs to atmosphere-controlled heat treatment.

Vacuum heat treatment means that all and part of the heat treatment process is carried out in a vacuum state. Vacuum heat treatment can realize almost all the heat treatment processes involved in conventional heat treatment, but the heat treatment quality is greatly improved. Compared with conventional heat treatment, the vacuum heat treatment technology can realize no oxidation, no decarburization, and no carburization at the same time.

Why do we choose vacuum heat treatment?
First of all, Advantages of vacuum heat treatment Vacuum heat treatment is a non-oxidative heat treatment technology with a wide range of applications and a controllable atmosphere, and it is also one of the main indicators of the advanced degree of heat treatment production technology. Vacuum heat treatment can not only achieve non-oxidation of steel, There is no decarburization, and it can also achieve pollution-free production and less distortion of the workpiece. Therefore, it also belongs to the category of clean and precise production technology.

Secondly, Low workpiece distortion is a very important advantage of vacuum heat treatment. According to domestic and foreign experience, the distortion amount of workpiece vacuum heat treatment is only one third of that of salt bath heating and quenching.

Thirdly, Modern vacuum heat treatment furnaces refer to cold-wall furnaces that can perform vacuum heating of components, followed by quenching in oil or quenching in atmospheric and pressurized gas. Research and development of this type of equipment is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary work involving many fields of science and technology.

At the moment, the heat treatment of our materials can be said to have reached a stable state, which is of great significance to the quality of our products.

Why do we choose vacuum heat treatment for high speed steel1

Post time: Mar-30-2022