Wire Thread Insert Tap HELI-COIL Screw Thread Insert STI Tap

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It is a tap used to process and install internal threads for wire screw inserts, also known as ST taps and screw taps. It is divided into straight groove taps, spiral groove taps and extrusion taps according to the shape and the way of forming threads.

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1. Straight-Flute Tap for Wire Screw Inserts Straight-flute tap for machining internal threads for wire screw inserts. This kind of tap is very versatile, and can be used for through holes or blind holes, non-ferrous metals or ferrous metals, and the price is relatively cheap, but it is poorly targeted. The cutting part can have 2, 4, 6 teeth, the short taper is used for blind holes, and the long taper is used for through holes.

2. Spiral flute taps for wire thread inserts are used to process helical flute taps for installing internal threads for wire thread inserts. This type of tap is usually suitable for machining blind hole internal threads, and the chip is evacuated backwards during machining. The difference between the spiral groove tap and the straight groove tap is that the groove of the straight groove tap is linear, while the spiral groove tap is spiral. When tapping, the rising and rotating action of the spiral groove can easily discharge the chips outside the hole, so as to avoid chips remaining or jammed in the groove, which will cause the tap to break and the blade to crack. Therefore, the spiral groove can prolong the life of the tap, and can cut the internal thread with higher precision, and the cutting speed is also faster than that of the straight groove tap. However, it is not suitable for blind hole machining of finely divided materials such as cast iron.


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